They have marched all around the world and endured what most of us can not imagine. Now they are home, but sometimes the battle within still rages. 

When a soldier returns home, their days of combat in foreign lands may be over, but what was seen and experienced will likely be with them always. As many as ⅕ of veterans return with some level of PTSD. This often translates to difficulty securing a job, maintaining relationships, and in extreme cases leads to homelessness or even suicide. 

The ZCP Reinforcement Program has a continuing mission to assist local veterans with coping after their service.  Whether they need a physical outlet, a mental outlet or just a place where they can be understood, we’ve got their back.  

We offer access to martial arts programs, led by other veterans, that offer both a place to train and a way to exist in two worlds at once.   

Help us, help them.

With your generous support, free training and uniforms will be provided to veterans through our Reinforcement Program. 

Click on the donate button to show your support for these brave men and women who have already done so much for us.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for supporting our veterans!

Zenith Community Program Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donation-based organization that helps the youth in our community by providing access to arts, fitness, education and personal empowerment opportunities.  Our focus is to improve our community from within, helping to create a strong foundation of individuals from which our community can grow.

If you are a veteran of active duty service and would like to explore opportunities available to you, please click here.