Competition can teach important values that we can carry through any challenge in life, such as discipline, work ethic, competitive edge, attitude and strength. Through competition we can see rewards for our hard work and are forced to deal with our own lack of preparation. What we learn on the mat translates through the rest of our lives.

This is why we at the Zenith Community Program believe it’s important to offer the chance to compete. If you are interested in an event listed below, please email Let us know which event and a little bit about yourself. Remember, to be considered, please email us, not the tournament organizers !

Currently we have the following opportunities:

Thanks to the generosity of Grappling Industries, we are able to offer one entry per event.

We award the entry based on a combination of factors including financial need, how much the competitor needs to compete to continue their journey through the art, and whether or not you have recently received help from us.

Check out the full Grappling Industries website here.