For over ten years we have been working in area schools to bring animal education into the classroom.  

We provide “edu-tainment” that brings hands-on experiences with live animals to students.  Our goal is to broaden not only their knowledge of pets and the animals that they encounter on a regular basis, but to also introduce them to the fundamentals of biology and zoology.

Our ongoing partnership with the Clarion Area School District has evolved to incorporate both science and art. We have expanded the regular animal lessons to also include a drawing and writing portion.  This comprehensive approach has allowed the students to better grasp the material presented as they not only see and hear the lesson, but also reinforce that knowledge as they  draw and write. 

Additionally, we collect the writing and artwork that the students create throughout the school year and produce a full-color book.  Each student receives their own copy at the end of the year.  Not only is this a great tool for reviewing the lessons, it gives each and every student the pride of knowing that their work is included in a real book!  

All of this, including their individual copies of the book, are provided at no cost to the students. These are the books from 2018 & 2019:

During the shutdowns stemming from Covid-19 we have had to get even more creative in our approach.  This led to the development of video lessons to compliment the in-person instruction.  This is one of those lessons: