The Zenith Community Program is focused on building a better community by helping each member of our community reach their full potential.  

We do this by providing access to martial arts, fitness, education and personal empowerment opportunities to those in our area.  Our focus is to improve our community from within, helping to create a strong foundation of individuals from which our community can grow.

The Zenith Community Program started when the founders combined the boosters club of Clarion Mixed Martial Arts with music lessons and art creation.  This seemingly odd combination of physical fitness, self defense, art and music blended perfectly to create the opportunity to successfully impact a large portion of our community.  Through many changes, we still are proud to be able to offer a place and education to those who may not have had access otherwise.

For years both founders had been providing charitable services to the community on their own, but in 2020 they realized there was a larger need than they could fill.  The Zenith Community Program was their answer to this problem.  By creating an official and registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are able to make your donations tax deductible and expand our impact.

We build Confidence

Through martial arts and physical fitness we are building confidence while teaching permanent skills.

We inspire leadership

By coaching and mentoring the next generation of instructors we are working to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

We bring balance

Whether it’s a tournament or a meditative yoga experience, we strive to create opportunities for people to bring balance into their lives.