When Clarion Mixed Martial Arts started in 2009 in our garage on 3rd Avenue, we expected to train college wrestlers who wanted to be the next UFC champion. Instead, we discovered it was our calling to provide self-confidence, self-defense and bully prevention for a wide range of individuals in our community.

Since that first practice in our garage, we’ve moved twice. First, to a building along Route 322 near Strattanville, then seven years later to building on East Main St, in Clarion. We have opened our doors to everyone, from adults to children as young as 3, and competed on world-wide stages.

From the beginning, we have worked hard to keep our membership rates low – no more than $95 per month. We do this so we can provide services for every member of our community, regardless of financial situation. Still, we have found ourselves providing scholarships for those who really need what we have to offer but can’t afford to pay.

Our students are looking for an outlet where they can access their deepest strengths in a safe, productive environment. From children to adults, we teach self control, discipline and the value of hard work. These skills help older students maintain a wholesome lifestyle and prepare younger students for adulthood.

We have trained and coached martial artists who have won the following titles:

  • North American Grappling Association – Multiple championships at the expert level, youth and adult
  • American National Championship – Silver medal, youth
  • Masters World Championship – Gold medal, open weight
  • Gracie World Championship – Gold medal, female division

As you can see, Clarion MMA produces more than martial artists: it produces real, active athletes who obtain recognition on a national and local scale.

For Kids In Need:

We feel that no child should be denied access to the benefits of the martial arts just because they can’t afford it.  That’s why we created this program.  This registered, non-profit charity offers scholarships to children that need it.  Please note, there is a limited amount of money to go around so a letter of need is required along with a bit of paperwork.  We want to be sure that this money is requested by people that need it, and not just parents that don’t feel like paying for their kid’s activities.  No child will be denied classes for financial reasons. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please email info@zenithcommunity.org

Become a Sponsor

Help the kids in our community!

How can you help? Here are three ways:

  •   You can make a one-time donation to our program. In your donation you can make a note that this is designated for our martial arts scholarships.   
  •   You can sponsor an upcoming event. From seminars and workshops to tournaments and uniforms, we are always planning something big! Partner with us and become an official sponsor. Contact us at info@zenithcommunity.org to see how you can help.
  •   You can provide an ongoing scholarship donation. Each month we can deduct an automatic payment that directly covers the cost of membership for a student in need.

Before you invest in Clarion MMA, we invite you to witness our academy first-hand. Email the head instructor, Leo, and set up a time to get a look at whet we do, leo@clarionmma.com.

Examples of our students’ work can be viewed on our YouTube channel, as well as in the Clarion News and Clarion Sports Zone.