Clarion Mixed Martial Arts has a proven track record of helping the community. As you may already know, they do a lot of work to bring free and low-cost programs to the youth and adults in our area. At Clarion MMA they provide confidence building and leadership training through martial arts and other fitness classes.

Every year since 2014 they have provided free seminars to empower the children of our area to feel confident and capable of avoiding confrontation. They also give them the resources that are needed to deal with confrontation when it is unavoidable.  Some of the seminars are specifically anti-bullying and others are non-themed events to encourage wider participation.

The seminars are taught by professional martial artists, coaches, and combat sports competitors.  They have years of experience in teaching children, adults, and people with an assortment of disabilities and capabilities. All of this combines to bring real world experience and proven techniques to the training mat.

These seminars typically provide the children with the following:

  • One day of hands-on, expert self-defense instruction.
  • A workshop on defusing and de-escalating tense situations.
  • Rewards and incentives for attendees.
  • And a foundation of confidence that will last a lifetime.

At Clarion MMA they use the martial arts to teach not only self defense but also respect, courage, and discipline. They strive to provide students with the necessary resources to build confidence that will carry them through their lives, on and off the mat. We are grateful that our organization can aid in this endeavor.