For active duty veterans we offer an assortment of opportunities, based on our current resources.

  1. Martial arts classes
    • Martial arts have been proven to assist in healing the physical, mental and spiritual losses caused by PTSD, traumatic brain injury, physical injury recovery and many other issues – in all walks of life.
    • The short and long term benefits are learned through the physical practice of upper and lower body movement, breathing, decision making, balance, distance, timing and the evaluation process of when to passively or actively defend one’s self.
  2. Martial arts uniforms
    • Uniforms and gear may be supplied to help remove barriers that may otherwise prevent someone from being able to participate
  3. Martial arts competition
    • In some cases the goal of competition will provide the focus and motivation that may otherwise be lacking.  If you would benefit from a mission and goal, with the reward of a dose of adrenaline, competition may be for you! 

Our selection process:

Based on funding we will provide the above services to all active duty service members that received a discharge under honorable conditions.  Please be able to provide your DD-214.

During periods of low funding we will make our selections in this order (from top to bottom, until funding is exhausted):

  1. Those discharged with combat related injuries (mental or physical).
  2. Those that experienced a combat deployment.
  3. SpecOps
  4. Veterans with a history of mental illness
  5. All other veterans that received a discharge under honorable conditions, with preference being awarded to those that most recently served.

Even if you are not selected for this round of funding we will hold onto your application until funding is available.  If you are interested in getting started please email with the subject, “Reinforcement Program”. 

Let us know the following:

  • Name
  • Years of service
  • Branch
  • M.O.S.
  • Discharge type
  • Any other information we should know