At Clarion Mixed Martial Arts we love the sport aspect of martial arts, but it’s also more than that; it’s a way of life, a code to live by.  There is no season and the rewards are more than the belts, medals and trophies we win.  First, we use the martial arts to improve our own lives, we then use the martial arts to help others.  

Recently we developed a unique way to use the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu to help. When we discovered how hard Covid-19 was hitting the nation of Brazil we were heartbroken.

Then, when we discovered that there were a lot of people that couldn’t even afford masks, we knew we had to help. So, we developed “Tied Together”, a project to send masks to Brazil.

The art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu has a strong community throughout the world. Our goal is to use that network to collect and distribute masks where they can do the most good. Using the network of gyms and instructors already in place, we can bypass politics, corruption and red tape.

In America we are asking gym owners, instructors and individuals to pitch in and supply masks or donations. These will all be collected and shipped to jiu-jitsu academies in Brazil.

In Brazil the donations will be distributed by martial arts school owners and instructors directly to the people in their own communities.

We all trust that our coaches know what we need, sometimes even before we know it! This firsthand knowledge of the community, and the individuals in it, makes jiu-jitsu academies the perfect distribution center.

Follow up – We successfully collected and sent over 250 handmade masks plus an additional assortment of disposable masks. Our thanks go out to everyone that pitched in to make this happen.